These are the Samples Slipknot Used on Their Self-Titled Debut


With Slipknot's self-titled debut album having just turned 20 years old (seriously), we've found ourselves going back to revisit the classic record more than we could care to admit.

One of its defining characteristics at the time was its heavy use of samples to build dark and weird soundscapes around their psychotic songs, and the YouTube channel Eightminutesupsidedown has created a video to shed some light on where a bunch of the samples were pulled from.

Interestingly, it looks as though they sampled Slayer's 'South Of Heaven' in the song 'Only One', as well as from the classic video game Duke Nukem.

Also, the classic "The whole thing - I think it's sick" line looped on the album's opener is actually from a 1973 Charles Manson documentary. Watch the interesting montage below:

Of course, Slipknot are due to release their new album We Are Not Your Kind on August 9, of which you can pre-order right here on the Maniacs webstore!

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