The Ned Flanders-Themed Metal Band Okilly Dokilly Have Made it Onto The Simpsons

You may or may not have heard of Okilly Dokilly, a metalcore band which base their entire existence around The Simpsons character Ned Flanders, from their album titles and lyrics to even their costumes.

Well as gimmicky as the thing might be, they can now say that they've accomplished more than most other bands because their music video for 'White Wine Spritzer' has actually been used as the end credits for a new episode of The Simpsons!

The show's producer Al Jean said of the cameo:

“We saw the video and knew they had to be on the show. We do not endorse their message of indiscriminate drinking of white wine spritzers.”

Forming in 2015, the five members are called Head Ned, Bled Ned, Red Ned, Thread Ned and Stead Ned. They've released two albums called Howdilly Doodily and Howdilly Twodilly.

Where can they even go from here? It doesn't get any better than being given the nod from the show your whole image is based upon. Well gosh darn diddly doodly!

Listen to Okilly Dokilly now.