The Ghost Inside Tease Unreleased Song 'Aftershock', Hint at Possible Return

It has been a long and hard road to recovery for metalcore legends The Ghost Inside after their 2015 bus accident, which killed both drivers and seriously injured all of the band's members.

Since the incident, the band have shown an immeasurable amount of strength to slowly get back into the swing of things, and despite several attempts to start touring and recording again over the past few years, the recovery has just been too slow for them to do so.

But now, during a Twitch live stream, vocalist Jonathan Vigil and bassist Tim Riley have shown off an unreleased track called 'Aftershock' from back before their 2015 accident, which understandably got many viewers wetting their pants with excitement. You can listen to the 24 second clip of the track below:

What's more is that The Ghost Inside have recently put out a tweet urging fans to follow them on Instagram if they aren't already:

Will we see the guys back in 2019? We can only hope.

Listen to The Ghost Inside now.