The Ghost Inside Officially Return, Watch Their Epic Comeback Show

After years of slow recovery and roadblocks to being a band again, The Ghost Inside have returned to the stage for the first time since the horrific 2015 bus crash which left both drivers dead and the band's members all hospitalised.

Playing their sold-out comeback show at the 6,000 capacity Shrine in LA, the band performed around twenty songs spanning their entire catalogue, and fan-shot footage of the event has started to appear online.

Drummer Andrew Tkaczyk lost his leg in the accident, but through sheer will and various devices to help him play again, the legend has returned to form, sounding almost as tight as ever in the clips below (in fact, the entire band do):


With no more future shows planned it's unclear as to where The Ghost Inside will head from here, but they have previously confirmed that new music is in the works.

Either way, the fact that these guys made it back to the stage after such an arduous and frustrating recovery is downright inspirational!

Listen to The Ghost Inside now.