That Time Marilyn Manson Performed 'The Beautiful People' with Rammstein

Germany's ECHO Awards were a pretty big international awards ceremony which had some pretty great live performances to boot. Back in 2012, Marilyn Manson did a special performance of 'The Beautiful People' live at the ceremony with Rammstein backing him on instruments.

The combo of these two shock rockers is awesome on paper, and it's even better when it's put to practice!

A couple of things which take away from being perfect include the fact that the crowd are essentially zombies, and there is no sign of Till Lindemann throughout the whole thing, but it's still a great performance nonetheless and definitely worth a watch. 

Marilyn Manson has previously spoken about the first time he met Rammstein frontman Till Lendemann, saying:

"The first time I met Till he went into my dressing room on fire. That's a great entrance - I couldn't even shake hands with him 'cause he was on fire..."

The ECHO Awards were cancelled indefinitely after controversy which saw a rap duo win the 2018 award for Best Hip-Hop/Urban Album, an album which contained the song '0815' with lyrics about having muscles more defined than Auschwitz inmates. The duo even performed the song at the ceremony which led to outrage and the subsequent cancellation. 

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