Taiwanese Metal Band 'Cthonic' Announce First Album in Five Years 'Battlefields Of Asura'

Maybe you've heard of Cthonic before, or maybe you haven't. Based in Taipei, Taiwan the band have been churning out a unique brand of oriental metal since 1995 and have even been referred to as 'the Black Sabbath of Asia'. After a five year break from their last album 武德 (Bu-Tik) in 2013, during which their vocalist Freddy Lim was sworn into political office as a legislator in Taipei's 5th district (!!!), they are back with Battlefields of Asura, which will be out on October 10 in both a Taiwanese and English version. They have released a fiery trailer which you can check out below:

These guys have such a strong aesthetic, and we're really excited to hear how this one turns out! If you want to hear more Cthonic, check them out on Spotify just underneath.

Listen to Cthonic now.