Static-X Masked Frontman Xer0's Identity Has Been Revealed

Static-X's decision to use a masked vocalist to replicate the look of their late frontman Wayne Static for their live touring has been a controversial one among fans.

Until now, the figure was known only has Xer0, but the identity of the man behind the mask appears to have been revealed - and yes, it's Dope vocalist Edsel Dope.

Edsel had been the most-speculated guess from fans, due to the similar build of Xer0 and the fact that Dope have been supporting Static-X on pretty much every stop of their worldwide Wisconsin Death Trip 20th anniversary tour, but now it's official.

But the giveaway was actually his neck tattoo, which was snapped from the side during a performance by photographer Andrew Mikkelsen, which looks like the same shape and appears in the same spot of the neck. See the comparison for yourself below:

It's pretty concrete proof, and it was the most logical guess all along anyway. 

Static-X also just revealed the first new material from their upcoming record Project Regeneration, which will feature posthumous vocals from Wayne Static which were dug up in some old studio files.

DevilDriver vocalist Dez Fafara also weighed in on Xer0 during an interview with us:

"I don't think I would have been a part of it if I hadn't seen the singer in a mask, and he doesn't wanna tell anybody who he is or take any credit. The reason he's wearing a mask and his hair up is because he's trying to actually embody Wayne and give people that experience. So that in itself was so respectful that it humbled me a great deal."

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