Staind's 'It's Been A While' Crossed With 'Old Town Road' is Mashup Perfection

It's hard to go anywhere these days without hearing the mere mention of Lil Nas X's country/hip hop crossover hit 'Old Town Road', and it's seen more remixes than humanly possible too.

But this one from one DJ Cummerbund is pure gold, taking Staind's classic 'It's Been A While' and fusing it almost perfectly with the aforementioned song to create Old Staind Road.

It works better than we care to admit, and there's even a little bit of Nirvana thrown in towards the end for some extra sizzle. Check it out:

DJ Cummerbund is a mashup master, and it's definitely worth heading over to his YouTube channel to see what else the madman has cooked up!


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