Slipknot's 'Psychosocial' Gets the Gun Cover Treatment, Watch Now

A few weeks back we came across a YouTuber aptly known as the Gun Drummer, who made internet history by covering Lamb Of God using assault rifles as percussion.

After that one went viral, the guy made a couple of other firearm-based covers including Slipknot's 'Psychosocial', where he shoots along in time to the song's breakdown until his ammo runs out.

It's surprisingly in time with the song, and it's unsurprisingly the most ridiculous thing you'll see today:

Is it the most American video ever? You be the judge...

Slipknot are of course releasing their brand new album We Are Not Your Kind on August 9, before touring Australia and New Zealand in support of Metallica in October.

Listen to Slipknot now.