Run Rudolph Run Gets a Metal Makeover

One great thing about the holiday season is that a whole bunch of Christmas-themed content rears its head online, and Frog Leap Studios wouldn't miss the opportunity to jump in on the action! Taking on Chuck Berry's classic rock and roll 'Run Rudolph Run' (which you've probably heard countless times), Leo Moracchioli has done what he does best and rearranged it into something a little bit heavier. The cover sticks closely to the song's original 12-bar blues formula, but occasionally breaks away into something much heavier like the buildup at 1:23 which features some of the most brutal vocals we've heard from this guy to date.

Watch the video below, which includes Leo wearing some bright orange contact lenses and a bunch of red stuff to look like Rudolph, we guess:


All this talk of Run Rudolph Run makes us think it might be time to crack out the old VHS copy of Home Alone again!


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