That One Time Slipknot Destroyed A House

The year was 2004, when Slipknot released their now classic record Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses along with one of the wildest music videos we had ever seen. 

The offical video for Duality remains to this day one of the best metal videos around, and is a must-watch for anyone new to the genre and metal veterans alike. 

It all kicks off with the now famous lyrics "I push my fingers into my eyes" followed by an ominous piano chime. Looking out the window, you can see hordes of crazed fans approaching the house in slow motion. Shortly after, the scene descends into chaos as fans break through the windows, walls, and ceiling while Slipknot play one of the craziest house shows you'll ever see.

Looking at some of their more recent videos, it's obvious that Slipknot are still going strong in the visual chaos department - here's hoping we get some more soon!

Listen to Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses now.