Red Fang's Latest Music Video is an Interactive Mobile Video Game

Oregon riff masters Red Fang have always had some really cool and creative music videos for their musical output, and now they've gone a step further to release a mobile video game for their song 'Antidote'!

It's called Red Fang: Headbang and you are tasked with saving the band from certain doom in an old-school 16-bit setting by actually banging your head (the game tracks your head movement). Perfect for playing on public transport!

Check out the trailer below, then head over to either the App Store or Google Play to download it for yourself - but be warned that it has a pretty big file size so make sure you download it over Wi-Fi!

The game was developed by Wieden+Kennedy's Ansel Wallenfang, who had this to say:  

“‘Red Fang: Headbang‘ is a culmination of everything I’ve wasted my life on—metal, arcades, and a warped sense of humor. It’s really a love letter to my childhood and all the things that make me, me.”

Red Fang vocalist/guitarist Brian Giles also commented:

“When Ansel Wallenfang first approached us with his video concept we all thought he was crazy! A year or so later we still think he’s crazy, but the video turned out amazing! We’re over the moon about it!”

Listen to Red Fang now.