Polaris Drummer Daniel Furnari Shares His Top 5 Essential Items to Bring on Tour.

Polaris band photo.

Touring. Most bands do it and all fans love it. But what is the reality for artists once they're off the stage? A lot of fans assume that it's all jets and tour buses, but when you're doing a regional run and spending a lot of hours on the road, there are some smaller creature comforts which make all the difference for our favourite bands.

With their Dusk To Day regional tour set to kick off this month, we thought now might be a good time to ask the Polaris crew what their must-have items are when they go on the road. We were lucky enough to get the low-down from drummer Daniel Furnari, so scroll down now to find out what his top 5 essential items to bring on tour are.

Baby Wipes

Don't ever leave for tour without them. Tour is sweaty, and you are not always (read: rarely) going to have the chance to shower when you really need to (read: after sweating through the same set of clothes on stage for the 8th night in a row). Baby wipes are your shower-in-a-pack. Also, road-stop and venue toilet paper always sucks. Be kind to yourself.

Charging Cables x50

Everyone is going to nab your chargers. Be wise, be wary, be prepared. Label your shit, trust no one.

Nintendo Switch

this is more of a "Things Jake can't go on the road without" thing, but we've warned him we're all gonna start stealing it off him next tour because the new Pokemon game looks sick and Crash Bandicoot is coming out.


It's easy to forget that your instruments will probably need some actual maintenance on the road, so always be ready to be your own guitar/drum tech. Also, a set of socket wrenches for the van wouldn't go astray, lest you find yourself needing to change a tyre 3 hours north of Wodonga or something stupid.

Vitamins and Medicine

Seriously, so important. You're not sleeping properly, you're eating like crap, you're loading a van in the freezing cold every night. One of you is going to get the flu and then you'll get it too and it's going to suck. Eat vitamins every day (buy the gummy ones, treat yourself) and have some cold/flu meds and Strepsils on hand.

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