Periphery III: Select Difficulty


Prog innovators Periphery are set to return with a brand new album, titled Periphery III: Select Difficulty on July 22!

“Periphery III: Select Difficulty is finally complete and we’re extremely excited to show everyone.” said guitarist Jake Bowen. “For the past couple of years we’ve been refining our collaborative process as a band and we feel that it’s only getting better with the completion of this album. We spent two months writing songs that are not only representative of the Periphery sound but also reflect where all of us are as musicians, working together has helped us tread new ground musically and creatively.”

Periphery III: Select Difficulty is produced by Adam "Nolly" Getgood, who produced Periphery's Juggernaut releases.

Nolly will no longer be touring with Periphery, and instead will be pursuing his production work in the UK. He will however remain an integral part of the band. 

“Touring with Periphery has shown me some of the most incredible experiences I could ever have imagined, to meet amazing people all over the world and to create friendships for life; it has truly been an honour to perform in front of every audience who has watched us play over the years. However the touring life isn’t something that everyone can continue doing indefinitely, and for me, the time has come where I want to settle into a more normal existence, be able to make plans further into the future than the touring life enables, and to be able to focus more on the studio side of my music career,” explained Nolly. “I will, however, be remaining as a band member and contributing in any way that I can while the band is off the road; I love all of my fellow bandmates like brothers and I’m so grateful for the incredible support they’ve shown as I make this huge life change. I know they are going to be taking the music and performances to the next level when they hit the road later this year.”