Periphery Guitarists Working Together on New Project 'Four Seconds Ago'

Looks like Periphery guitarists Misha Mansoor and Jake Bowen are working on a new project together called Four Seconds Ago, which sounds a little bit different to what you might expect from the djent forerunners.

In a series of Instagram posts made by the two, the songs in progress can be heard and have a very warm, chill and groovy electronic vibe to them. It's not all surprising given that Bowen has already forayed into electronica with his incredibly serene album Isometric, while Misha has had electronic albums at the top of his year-end lists before and is a big fan of artists like Trifonic and Telefon Tel-Aviv.

The talent resting in the pinky of either of these guys is more than we'll ever likely have in our entire lives, so it's a safe bet that this project will be objectively amazing. Have a listen below!


Workin on some #groove with @jakeperiphery @4sexago #foursecondsago

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