League Of Legends Band Pentakill Top iTunes Metal Chart

Pentakill, League Of Legends' very own metal band (starring Jorn Lande, Noora Louhimo, Danny Lohner, Scott Kirkland, and Tommy Lee) surprised everyone last week, topping the US iTunes metal chart with their brand new album Grasp Of The Undying!

Said frontman Karthas (voiced by Jorne Lande): 

“It’s great for a classic heavy rocker like myself to be a part of this modern gaming music world, and I’m excited and grateful for the opportunity to work with such a great team of talented people.

“This exciting development is not just about creating an original twist to the online gaming industry, but also about pioneering some groundbreaking new metal! My job is to make Karthus the singer he is, and add the classic heavy rock element to his performance. I’m proud that Karthus and his band are back to bring new Pentakill metal your way!”

So instead of getting salty at your teammates, how about you scream along to this instead?