New Soulfy Coming In 2018

Max Cavalera confirmed in a recent interview that he is about to begin work on a new Soulfly record, once he finishes up his tour with Nailbomb, and that it will be due to come out in 2018!

In an interview with No limits Music Show, Max said that he's keen to bring back some of the tribal and percussion elements from previous records:

"My goal is to bring some of the tribal [elements] back. A lot of people have been asking… I want it too, 'cause I love the heaviness of the drums with the guitars — it's amazing. We had it on Prophecy, we had it on Primitive, the first SOULFLY. And that's kind of lost on the SOULFLY tours. After Dark Ages, we really stopped doing percussion at all. So I think it's kind of cool now to bring it back — it's the perfect time."

"The album is gonna be deeply tribal, very spiritual. There's a concept. I cannot tell you much about it, 'cause it's kind of a surprise. But there is a concept behind the record, and I have not done a record with a concept like this since Roots. So this one has got the same kind of feeling that Roots has.

Watch the full chat now, or read more at Blabbermouth.