Metal Trump Channels His Inner Rammstein With 'Du Hast' Performance


It seems that the hilarity of US president Donald Trump rattling off lyrics to some of metal's most beloved songs has caught on, because YouTuber Lars Von Retriever is pumping these out like no tomorrow, and we're certainly not complaining!

This time he's taken Rammstein's iconic 'Du Hast' and cut a bunch of Trump's speech footage to fit the lyrics from the original. While it's not as incredible as his 'Raining Blood' mashup, it would have been pretty hard to make Trump speak German when his speeches are all in English!

The video is still fantastic, and begins with a legit clip of the president saying 'You know I'm proud to have that German's great stuff."

Be sure to make your way on over to Lars Von Retriever's channel, where you can find a whole bunch of other classic mashups.

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