Melbourne's Reside Reveal New Track 'In This Moment'.

Reside band photo

Melbourne post-punk outfit Reside have released a brand new track titled In This Moment. If you're in the mood for something deep and dark then take a listen now.

"In This Moment is a song that came together very quickly. It had this honesty and weight that I hadn't felt in the same way with other songs we'd written. It's about times when you have to force yourself to adjust to change or adapt and it feels like a rabbit hole," explains lead singer Liam Guinane"Like if you go with that change, that you have to almost commit to it and that there is no going back from it."  

"It's about the fear of where that path may lead you and the discomfort of not knowing. I particularly resonate with the lyrics 'I turn to stone' as if I am able to be a relic to people who consider me as part of their past. I'm not something that is alive to them anymore." 

We think Liam's explanation of the track is spot on - you certainly get a sense of falling down the rabbit hole as you listen, and in a way the song reminds us of our favourite alt rockers Balance and Composure.

Keep an ear out for more Reside down the track.

Listen to Reside now.