Melbourne's Gravemind Release Massive New Single 'Volgin', Watch Now

Aussie metal never ceases to impress, and Melbourne's Gravemind look to be a big candidate of next band to blow up with the announcement of their debut album Conduit via Greyscale Records on June 19, and the huge new single 'Volgin' which you can check out below.

A spicy mix of beefy production, hellish blast beats and ultra-heavy vocals make 'Volgin' one of the standout deathcore tracks so far in 2019. But it's not strictly chaos either, turning into a slower and more melodic song halfway through which keeps the track interesting and fresh.

Check out the cinematic music video below, which follows a guy trying to break out of a psychiatric ward:

If you're into your video games then you might also recognise the name 'Volgin' as one of the antagonists from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater! Man, that guy sucked.

Listen to Gravemind now.