Marduk at Their Best With New Song 'Equestrian Bloodlust'

Marduk have released the second single Equestrian Bloodlust from their upcoming fourteenth studio album Viktoria due out on June 23.

While the first single Werwolf was ruthless in its own right, some of the more purist Marduk fans may have been put off by the lack of blast beats and breakneck speed which the band has become synonymous with for the last three decades. Equestrian Bloodlust, on the other hand, takes all those qualms in its hand and crushes them to pieces with lightning fast drums, merciless riffs and Mortuus' vocals at their most grotesque. Whether black metal is your thing or not, it's hard to think of many other bands in any genre that have been so consistent for almost 30 years!

Viktoria will be their first album in over 3 years, following up 2015's Frontschwein. Have a listen below:

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