Listen to the New Album from Jared Dines' Band 'Daddy Rock'

We always knew Jared Dines could really play the guitar through watching his YouTube videos, but it turns out he can write a whole album full of bangers too!

Comprised of Dines on guitars, vocalist Vince Mindas, bassist Anthony Cappocchi and Damien Ward smashing the tubs, Daddy Rock is a whirlwind of metalcore goodness completely written by Dines himself (co-writing vocals with Vince). There are a lot of riffs that remind us of bands like Killswitch EngageAs I Lay Dying and even some Parkway!

Here are some timestamps for each individual song. Check it out below!

0:00 Honey and Whiskey
3:27 Shout
7:15 Raise A Glass
11:14 Alive
15:38 Escape
20:27 Live and Learn
24:46 Pressure 
29:38 Idols

Listen to Jared Dines now.


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