Listen to The Ghost Inside Drummer Andrew Tkaczyk's Brutal New Song 'Devil's Night'

While The Ghost Inside slowly inch toward continuing on as a band after their 2015 bus accident which left every member hospitalised, drummer Andrew Tkaczyk has released a heavy, halloween-themed instrumental djent track called 'Devil's Night'.

Released under his solo project One Decade which was created earlier in the year, the track gives off spooky vibes through the use of synths, with blistering down-tuned chugging guitars over the top for a pretty cool-sounding song! Tkaczyk had this to say about the track:

“For this months @onedecadeband single, I thought it would be fitting to have a spooky theme. My goal was to mix horror/slasher movie vibes with Djent and this is what came out. Decided to call it “Devil’s Night” and release it on….well…Devil’s Night! Streaming now on Spotify, Apple Music and all other streaming platforms. YouTube track will be posted soon! Once again big thanks to @chrisrubey for being my go to art guy. Happy Halloween everyone. #onedecade”

Andrew his right leg in the 2015 accident, but has been slowly regaining his drumming ability through the use of custom-made contraptions to enable him to use his bass drum. One Decade also released an EP earlier in the year which you can listen to right below. Definitely one of the most determined and inspirational musicians out there! 

Listen to One Decade now.