Listen to the Brand New Rotting Christ Track 'Fire, God And Fear'


It's been an interesting week for black metal; first there was the news of a skull fragment from Mayhem's deceased vocalist 'Dead' being put up for sale, and now we have a stellar new track to listen to from the Greek black metal gods themselves, Rotting Christ.

Fear, Fire And God is the first single the band have released from their upcoming 13th studio album The Heretics, and while it doesn't exactly do anything new for the genre, it's a fine-tuning of everything that makes black metal so good - evil riffs, haunting choral vocals and driving drums that take the form of a puppet master to make your head bang against your will. 

It's crazy to think that Rotting Christ are still putting out some top tunes 30 years down the track. Check it out below: 

The Heretics will be out on February 15, adding to a blockbuster year of heavy music releases we have ahead of us!

Listen to Rotting Christ now.