Listen to New Wayne Static Vocals on Static-X's 'Project Regeneration' Teaser


Industrial metal legends Static-X announced last year that they would be releasing a new album titled Project Regeneration, which would feature posthumous vocal performances from their late frontman Wayne Static.

Now, amidst the band's global touring of Wisconsin Death Trip's 20th anniversary, they've released a teaser for the first single 'Hollow' in a promo clip below in which you can hear Wayne Static's vocal recordings.

The new record also now has a slated release date of May 29, 2020, and is said to feature Wayne's vocals on almost every song. The clip also has a snippet of 'Push It', which was re-recorded with the masked touring vocalist known only as Xer0. Check it out:

Bassist Tony Campos said of the recording process:

"It was very surreal - our producer was going through all of these old studio tapes, many of which were damaged. He called me up and told me that I needed to get down to the studio right away and listen to what he found. I jumped in my car and raced to the studio, and what he shared fucking blew me away. It was Wayne singing on track after track, but there was little to no music on any of it. Most of the tapes were damaged and Waynes voice was virtually all that remained intact."

DevilDriver vocalist Dez Fafara also weighed in on Xer0 and the band's decision to resurrect in an interview with us:

"I don't think I would have been a part of it if I hadn't seen the singer in a mask, and he doesn't wanna tell anybody who he is or take any credit. The reason he's wearing a mask and his hair up is because he's trying to actually embody Wayne and give people that experience. So that in itself was so respectful that it humbled me a great deal."

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