Listen to Mudvayne Drummer's New Industrial Project 'Cult of Montu'

After nu-metal legends Mudvayne went on hiatus in 2010, any sight of the band's name in current happenings is enough to make us shift forward to the edge of our seats. Unfortunately, there's still no word of a reunion, but the band's drummer Matthew McDonough has just released the debut EP from a new industrial/electronic side project called Cult Of Montu.

Instead of going down the same chaotic route of Mudvayne, the tracks instead go for a more minimalistic approach, with dystopic voice samples sprinkled over sparse electronic atmospheres and the occasional industrial guitar lick.

The EP is titled >73656c66-7469746c6564, which should give you an idea of what to expect, and each of the three tracks released goes for 20 minutes.  It's definitely one of those things you can either put on in the background, or fully immerse yourself with a good pair of headphones for a good half hour.

Check out the tracks below:

Let us know what you think of this new project!