Listen to Max Cavalera Feature on NAILS' Super Heavy New Single 'Endless Resistance'

Californian hardcore/powerviolence/whatever else band NAILS have unleashed two nightmarish new singles in the form of 'I Don't Want to Know You' and 'Endless Resistance', and the latter features the legendary Max Cavalera guesting behind the mic!

'I Don't Want To Know You' clocks in at under a minute and half with frenetic blasting before bring in some fucking tough riffs and double kick, while 'Endless Resistance' is a slower, crushing effort.

Max Cavalera says they're "probably the heaviest band right now", and you could definitely make an argument for it. 

Scrunch up your face and bang your head to both tracks below:

NAILS formed in 2009 and have since released three albums, their latest being 2016's You Will Never Be One Of Us which came out through Nuclear Blast.

Listen to NAILS now.