Listen to High On Fire's Blistering New Track 'Electric Messiah'

Riff wizards High On Fire have released the blazing title track from their upcoming eighth album Electric Messiah, due out on October 5.

Premiering on NPR, the song sounds like Motorhead if it was injected with caffeine and steroids directly into its veins, which makes sense because the track is actually a tribute to the late legend Lemmy.

Vocalist Matt Pike (also from the band Sleep) said:

"When Lemmy was still alive I always got compared to Lemmy, so I had this dream where he got pissed at me," Pike says via a press release. "He gave me a bunch of s***, basically, and was hazing me. Not that he didn't approve of me, but like I was being hazed. The song is me telling the world that I could never fill Lemmy's shoes, because Lemmy's Lemmy. I wanted to pay homage to him in a great way. And it turned out to be such a good title that the guys said we should call the album Electric Messiah. Although at first the working title was Insect Workout With Lemmy."


Converge's Kurt Ballou has done a great job of making everything sound huge on the production side of things, and we can't wait to bang our heads to the rest of the album come October!

High On Fire - Electric Messiah art

Listen to High On Fire now.