Listen to Disentomb's Brutal New Single 'Your Prayers Echo Into Nothingness'

It's been a whole five years since Brisbane death metal outfit Disentomb have released anything, but they're finally back in full force with their third album The Decaying Light announced for a July 12 release!

The first single 'Your Prayers Echo Into Nothingness' is absolutely relentless in nature and packed with both unholy riffs and vile gutturals. The track also features guest vocals from Matti Way (Abominable Putridity, Disgorge).


Disentomb have garnered a pretty huge following since forming in 2009 and have toured with bands like The Black Dahlia MurderAborted and FalljuahSpeaking of tours, they've also just announced a headlining run of Australia and New Zealand in July/August. You can check out the dates and venues for that below and buy tickets to it here:

Listen to Disentomb now.