Listen to Devin Townsend's Winding New Single 'Evermore'

Devin Townsend has to be one of the most perplexing figures in all of music, whose output is so varied and consistently great that it's hard to think of him as a human. His next album Empath is already shaping up to be another mindblowing collection of works with the first single 'Genesis', and now another called 'Evermore'. 

Full orchestral sections, heavy riffs, choral singing and whatever else you can think of come together to form five epic minutes of Devin's genius.

It probably won't be everybody's cup of tea, but you have to admit - the guy can write a god damn song! Check it out: 

Empath will be out on March 29. Read about how Nickelback's Chad Kroeger (who also features on the album) talked Devin out of making a pop record!

Listen to Devin Townsend now.