Listen to Death Ray Vision (Killswitch Engage, Overcast) Rip Heads Off With New Track 'We're Done With You'

If you didn't know already, Killswitch Engage bassist and founder Mike D'Antonio (who also plays in Overcast) has another little-known side project called Death Ray Vision with other members from Sentinel and various other cool bands.

The band have only released one album all the way back in 2013, but have returned with a fire in their bellies and an absolutely furious new track called 'We're Done With You', which will be part of their sophomore record Megative Mental Approach which drops on November 23.

Listen to the new track below, which packs some serious thrash/hardcore punk power:


It's no secret that the guys in Killswitch are also massive hardcore fans, with vocalist Jesse Leach also fronting his own raw side project called The Weapon. Talented bunch of guys!

Listen to Death Ray Vision now.