Listen to Corey Taylor Rap on Kid Bookie's New Track 'Stuck In My Ways'

Corey Taylor's latest musical collaboration is an interesting one, linking up with British rapper Kid Bookie after the two expressed interest in working together on Twitter recently:

Let’s talk my friend. 🤘

— confirm: 0-0-0... DESTRUCT... 0 (@CoreyTaylorRock) January 30, 2019

The result is 'Stuck In My Ways', a dark hip-hop track which actually features Corey rapping one of the verses. From 2:30, Taylor starts off reserved, building intensity throughout the verse and almost breaking out into a yell but never quite getting there.

The song is a "heavier, revamped" version of the same one that appeared on Kid Bookie's last EP Shake Up.

Check it out:

Of course, this isn't the first time Corey has rapped before, also appearing on Tech N9ne's 2015 track 'Wither'. and he basically raps on Slipknot's first album too in tracks such as 'No Life'.

 Listen to Kid Bookie now.