Ladies and Djentlemen: Metal Played on a Theorbo

We've seen YouTuber Rob Scallon explore metal in some weird and wonderful ways over the years, including some riffing on pretty obscure instruments like the hurdy gurdy, shahi baaja and sitar to name a few.

For his latest video, he's managed to get his hands on a theorbo to try out some metal shredding to see how it would sound. What the hell is a theorbo, we hear you ask?

It's an instrument from the lute family and it's actually got two tuning pegboxes in it. Rob's theorbo has 14 strings; six bottom strings and eight on the fretboard. The instrument was popular in the baroque era of music (between the years 1600 and 1750).

So how does it sound when it's used for metal? Well there's no distortion or anything on it, so it's all a bit silly, but there are some interesting and beautiful sounds going on. Check it out:  

It's vaguely reminiscent of something System Of A Down would use. Where in god's name does Rob find these instruments? And more importantly, how can we get our hands on some?