Korn Tease Australian Tour for Follow the Leader's 20th Anniversary

Get keen, Maniacs - a mysterious Instagram post by Australian touring company Metropolis Touring has hinted at the possibility of Korn returning to our shores for the second time this year as part of their Follow the Leader 20th anniversary tour!

The post shows artwork from the seminal 1998 album with the caption "Got the life..." and a Korn hashtag at the end. The band have three shows planned in the US to celebrate the album already, so it's entirely possible that we'll have them back again this year after having exclusive played Download Festival in March.

Follow the Leader was responsible for pushing Korn into mainstream success with the singles 'Freak on a Leash' and 'Got the Life' and has sold over 10 million copies worldwide to date. It's also in our list of the eight best heavy albums to come out in 1998!



Got the life... #korn

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We'll keep you updated on any announcements as they happen.

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