Korn Koffee Now Exists and You Can Grab Your Own Bag

If you're a coffee drinker, and you've been looking for something new to sip on before/during work, you're gonna love this one - Korn have released their own blend of dark roast Korn Koffee!

Created in consultation with Los Angeles' J. Gursey Coffee, the drink is now available over on the band's official webstore for purchase. Guitarist Munky explains in the promo video how the idea came about:

"The Korn Koffee idea pretty much came up because we drink so much coffee on the road when we're touring it's good to have something to really kick you in the pants in the morning. I think fans are gonna enjoy Korn Koffee because it has a kick," he continued. "This is something that we curated and we've been working on for a while and I just think it's something that everybody can drink and enjoy."

 Drummer Ray Luzier also commented on why they opted for a dark blend:

"A lot of people like super, super dark like tar tasting - it makes your eyes spin and there's certain people who really like mild coffee so we've come up with something that's right in the middle that appeals to more people," adds drummer Ray Luzier.  "You can always make it stronger when you brew it but I think the general taste of it is straight up just super smooth, but yet it's bold it's definitely got some great flavor."

Check out the full video below! 

 UPDATE: After this article was published, stock of the coffee ran out on their webstore. You can subscribe on the page with your email address to be notified when new stock comes in!

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