Killswitch Engage Have Shared Guitar Tabs For an Unreleased Song, Watch Fans Cover It

Having announced their highly-anticipated new album Atonement for August 16 and dropping a new track 'Unleashed'Killswitch Engage have gone a little unconventional and released part of another new song called 'I Am Broken Too', but with a twist - they've released the song's chorus in guitar tab form through Twitter so that fans can cover the song themselves before we get to hear it officially.

And that's exactly what fans have done, taking to YouTube in droves to share their interpretations of what the song might sound like. Here are a few different takes below:

As you can hear, 'I Am Broken Too' sounds like it will have a pretty soaring and anthemic chorus, and we can't wait to give the full thing a listen with a professional level of production behind it!

This isn't the first time an artist has done something like this, when Beck released an album back in 2012 exclusively in sheet music form, but it's still a really refreshing thing to see.

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