Johnny Cash's 'Folsom Prison Blues' Gone Metal

Leo Moracchioli aka Frog Leap Studios is well-known for taking songs from different genres and re-arranging his own metal versions for YouTube, but this cover of Johnny Cash's classic 'Folsom Prison Blues' might be one of his best yet! Teaming up with fellow guitar gearhead Rob Chapman, he's gone to some serious effort here with a full-blown music video filled with old western props, costumes and characters.

While the start of the song almost just sounds like the original, the cover really kicks in at the one minute mark and becomes progressively heavier throughout. There are plenty of shenanigans only a crazed genius like Leo could stir up including a mini drum kit, a rabbit costume and even some nu-metal style scat singing.

We'd like to think the legend Johnny Cash himself would have been proud. Check it out!