Japan's Crystal Lake Drop One of the Heaviest Tracks of 2018 With 'AEON'

You know how when a heavy band gets bigger, their sound sometimes changes to be a little bit more accessible? Japan's Crystal Lake say fuck that, instead releasing an absolutely devastating new single called 'AEON' after signing to SharpTone records (Emmure, PolarisWhile She Sleeps). Given that their last album True North was already crushingly heavy with a real Architects vibe to it, we didn't think it was possible for them to up the ante this much!

'AEON' instead goes down a path which is more akin to Aversions Crown and Thy Art Is Murder featuring lightning blast beats, ferocious vocals and some of the biggest production in recent memory. Alright, enough from us - check it out for yourself:

Apparently, the track is taken from their new album Helix which is already out in Japan as of yesterday, but for one reason or another won't make it to our neck of the woods until February 15 next year. Keep your eyes and ears peeled!

Listen to Crystal Lake now.