James Maynard Keenan Says New Puscifer is On The Way, Tool Vocals Were Finished Months Ago

If you're a little bit sick of Tool news, we don't exactly blame you, but the latest update from vocalist Maynard James Keenan is a bit of a two-pronged tidbit. Taking to Twitter, Maynard not only revealed that Tool vocals were actually finished months ago, but he's set to work on a new album cycle for his other band (and somewhat of a supergroup) Puscifer, with a 2020 release on the map. Their last album Money Shot was released back in 2016, so a follow-up record would definitely be welcome.

Seems like he's definitely making up for all those years of inactivity with both A Perfect Circle and Tool! Now all we want is to know when Tool will finally give in and put their music on streaming services...

Listen to Puscifer now.