Maynard James Keenan Is About to Finish Tracking Final Vocals for New Tool Album

There seems to be an endless amount of he said, she said rumours floating around about Tool's insanely long-awaited new album, but it looks as though we are definitely going to be able to get our sweaty palms on it in 2019.

Vocalist Maynard James Keenan took to Twitter today to announce that final guitars are being finished up, scratch vocals are done and then he'll go on to record his final vocals to wrap up the recording of what might be the longest wait for an album of all time.

Of course, Maynard has been busy with the release of A Perfect Circle's new album Eat The Elephant and subsequent touring, but he's done a great job of building the hype for this Tool record to boiling point. 

For those playing at home, Tool's last album 10,000 Days came out 4,053 days ago back in 2006, and while that's still a bloody long time to be waiting, at least it isn't some crazy concept that would have actually had us waiting 10,000 days. Bring on 2019!