INTERVIEW: Void Of Vision's Jack Bergin Talks Artistic Catharsis and New Record 'Hyperdaze'

Melbourne metalcore band Void Of Vision have just released a hectic new single called 'Babylon' and are about to drop their sophomore full-length album Hyperdaze on September 13 - an album which vocalist Jack Bergin says is about "pure hatred, self-loathing and nihilism", and the most personal release he's ever been involved with. We caught up with Jack to delve a little bit more into the process of creating something so dark, along with what he thinks of the new Slipknot record and more! Scroll on for the full interview:


Hey Jack, good to talk to you. How are you feeling with ‘Hyperdaze' about to be released onto the masses and a stacked schedule of touring ahead?

Feeling very amped! We’ve been sitting on this music for a good amount of time to the point where release week has come around and we’re still just as excited about it as we were when we were in the middle of making it all. As for the touring we can’t wait to show everyone this new era of Void Of Vision we’ve been working on, we’re lucky enough to be sharing stages with a lot of big names in the coming months which we’re extremely thankful for - it’s going to be awesome playing this album for not just our current fans, but also a lot of people who have never heard us before. Couldn’t think of a better time to see us live for the first time than right now.. we’re at our peak and have a whole lot to give, we cannot wait to get back on stage.

How did the writing process for Hyperdaze take place for you personally? What inspiration did you draw on to enter such a dark headspace?

The writing process was looking like being the hardest that I would have ever faced initially, but ended up one of the easiest flowing experience I’ve had. I entered a huge writing block right in the middle of writing all my lyrics where it wasn’t really easy to draw inspiration from much. Life wasn’t exactly making everything else easy for me on top of that, so I was faced with hardly anything to work off. I sat myself down a few nights before I began tracking vocals and just spewed every incoherent, poisonous thought I had in my brain onto paper, from there it was almost like that with the combination of pressure and the anxiety I was able to just piece every word together like an obscene puzzle. I’ve never been one to be 100% honest with myself on anything so when I realised I needed to do so, that’s what pushed me to get down those thoughts. It is difficult for myself to put all that negativity in my mind out there into the public, but just so worth it on a personal level at the end of it all. 

Do you find it more cathartic to put really personal lyrics to record or to yell them in front of hundreds of people at a show?

I think putting it on record is a whole different kind of experience, it’s kind of like a permanent time stamp of that phase in my life - a personal memoir that I can always look back on and see how much I’m constantly changing/learning. As much as I cherish that process, I definitely find it much more cathartic to perform the lyrics live, rehashing what I’ve previously written and revisiting those emotions accompanied with adrenaline is something different for me than recording. Our music is written to be experienced live where the audience can truly feel the passion and energy we’ve put into the songs, where everyone can be all caught up in the moment for 30-60 minutes. I can’t wait to showcase all of that with this record, it’s going to be a whole new level of passionate for us. 

Is there a particular track which was really difficult to write for?

Hole In Me was the difficult track. After finding myself stuck in said writers block I penned my thoughts down for that track first which then catapulted me into writing the rest of the record in that vein. As dark as it is, I think that first step to digging a bit deeper into my own suicidal fantasies was what I needed in the end, it bought up a lot of things I’ve never really put out in the open but it felt so good. 

As much of a cliché as it is, the songwriting has really matured on Hyperdaze. Has it helped that you guys have all been playing together from the start?

100% it has helped. We all know what makes each other tick now and to be so comfortable to bounce ideas off of each other and be so open to one another really reflects in the final product. Seeing how far we’ve grown and learnt through our music is so special to us and something we’re really proud of, couldn’t have chosen a better bunch of people to play music together with to be honest.

We've heard the killer 'Psychosocial' cover, and we take it you're big Slipknot fans — what do you think of their new record?

Wouldn’t go as far to say we’re BIG fans, but the influence they have had on us as heavy musicians is undeniable. With that being said the new record is great. Wasn’t really huge on the first single but after sitting down and hearing the whole thing in full, just how different each track is, really caught my attention. I’d go as far to say it’s some of their best work to date, such an incredible bunch of musicians.

What's on Void Of Vision's future bucket list?

Visiting a lot of new countries is at the top of our list at the moment! With a lot of it already locked in/in the pipeline right now we can’t wait to spread Hyperdaze over the rest of the world. Otherwise I’d say to have a song featured as a WWE wrestler’s intro but that’s just me haha.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Jack — good luck with all the shows!

Thank you for the chat!


Void Of Vision will also be on tour throughout October supporting Northlane on their Alien tour alongside Counterparts and Silent Planet. Peep Hyperdaze's artwork and tracklisting along with the tour's dates and venues below!


Void Of Vision - Hyperdaze tracklisting:

1 - Overture
2 - Year Of The Rat
3 - Babylon
4 - If Only
5 - Slave To The Name
6 - Adrenaline
7 - Hole In Me
8 - Kerosene Dream
9 - Decay
10 - Splinter
11 - Hyperdaze

Listen to Void Of Vision now.