Here's What Tool Sounds Like on a 7-String Guitar

Tool have been one of 2019's biggest talking points in the world of metal, after they debuted two new songs at Rockville in Florida back in May, and then announced the release date of August 30 for the album we thought would never arrive.

While every Tool fan is anxiously awaiting any new official recorded material, we have YouTuber Andrew Baena taking some older Tool tracks and tuning them down from drop D tuning to drop A on a 7-string guitar.

While some of Andrew's down-tuned experiments don't turn out amazingly, it's actually quite interesting to hear songs like 'Schism' and 'Vicarious' tuned right down to djent levels of low-end, and it actually works quite well! Check it out:

Baena often conducts drop-tuned experiments along with ridiculous stunts like busking in public with djent music, so head on over to his channel for more!