Here's Mudvayne's 'Dig', But It Slows Down by 1% For Every 'Deng'

There's no doubt that 2019 is officially the year of the deng, with memes about the 'br br deng' bass sound in Mudvayne's 'Dig' still running absolute riot on social media.

The latest and greatest iteration of the gag has gotta be by Neil PlaysGuitar_YT, who has taken the song but slowed it down by 1% each time the bass goes 'DENG'. 1% might not sound like much, but before you know you it the track devolves into satanic sludge and becomes almost unlistenable. It's equal parts dumb, hilarious and amazing, and the section from 0:15-0:30 is just so filthy:

Who would have thought that such a vacuous meme would have such a great lifespan?