Fan Uploads Missing 'Uruk-Hai' Burzum Recordings, Varg Vikernes Reacts

The earliest known Varg Vikernes material spanning from 1988-1994 that was originally sent to the head of Misanthropy Records has found its way into the hands of a fan that has uploaded the full tape onto YouTube. This is the first and only known recording of Uruk-Hai material, and contains guitar tracks recorded at the time Varg was in prison and only had access to electronic instruments. Varg himself can be found in the comments section (his channel name being ThuleanPerspective), where he said:

"Wow. I have not heard this in a long time.... In fact, I had forgotten all about this. It must be from a recording I did in Bergen prison in 1994, on a 4-track studio (cassette-player large) that I was allowed to have (along with my now lost guitar) for a very short time in my cell. At least I used that time well, and recorded this. What a shit hole that prison was. One of those fancy new prisons, completely void of spirit and where everyone is treated with clinical hatred. I spent one year in almost total isolation there, before they sent me to Ila Prison. Thanks for letting me listen to these track again. So many memories."

 You can listen to Uruk-Hai below, and then read on for Varg's reaction to hearing his earliest works again for the first time in decades:

Despite mostly distancing himself from his dark musical past on his YouTube channel, he has uploaded a reaction video to hearing these recordings for the first time in decades, where he says:

"Music is a type of magic because it moves emotions. It awakens memories. It creates memories. You remember by help of music." 

Varg was released from prison in early 2009 after serving a 21 year sentence for the crimes of church burnings and the murder of Mayhem guitarist Euronymous. No matter what you think of the guy, this is a pretty historic moment in what would become the foundations of black metal as we know it today.

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