Every Time I Die Guitarist Doesn't Want Warped Tour To End.

The iconic Vans Warped Tour came to an end this week after 24 years of touring the USA with some of the world's best loved punk, hardcore and metal acts in tow. 

While they weren't the last band to ever play the festival (that honor was reserved for Pennywise), Buffalo hardcore punk rockers Every Time I Die certainly had the last laugh. 

Guitarist Jordan Buckley remained on stage for over 10 minutes after the band's set had ended, playing to the adoring crowd as roadies attempted to pack down the backline and the stage stage around him. Seemingly, Buckley couldve gone on forever, before stage hands finally unplugged him. 

On Twitter, the guitarist stated "I wanted to play until 8:31 so I could tell Pennywise that, sorry, we were actually the last band to make noise at Warped Tour. They gave me the hook at 8:18" 

For that effort, we give Jordan Buckley and Every Time I Die our play of the day.

RIP, Vans Warped Tour. 

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