Devildriver Say Upcoming Outlaw Country Covers Album is Still Metal.

Devildriver's upcoming outlaw country covers album 'Outlaws 'Til the End' might have had some fans skeptical about such a bold crossover of genres, but after hearing the first single 'Country Heroes' we knew this was still the same band with an interesting new flavour.

For those still not convinced, however, Napalm Records have released a 12-minute video titled 'Is This a Country Album?' to which the band and album guests collectively answer with a big ol' 'no'.

Guitarist Neal Tiemann says "It's not a country record. It's pure Devildriver metal. It's got some light moments in it but it's also got some of the heaviest points of Devildriver's career. Your average country listener nowadays is probably not gonna be into this record'.

'Outlaws 'Til the End' is out on July 6. Check out the full video which features other guests including Lamb of God's Randy Blythe below!