Chill Out with Four Seconds Ago's 'Listening Post Alpha'

Hey Maniacs, it's Sunday! That means you should definitely put the kettle on and relax by listening to Four Second Ago's chill new number 'Listening Post Alpha', which is taken from their upcoming album on 'The Vacancy' on September 28.

While it's probably pretty hard to guess from the music, Four Seconds Ago actually consists of both Misha Mansoor and Jake Bowen of Periphery, who have decided to put down the guitars for this ambient electronic project. It's a rather pleasant listen and absolutely worth checking out below:

Interestingly, another awesome Four Seconds Ago song exists from eight years ago which was also written by Mansoor, so it looks like this has been a long-running project of his which is starting to pick up steam in 2018 thanks to the help of his bandmate Jake Bowen. Cool!

Listen to Four Seconds Ago now.