Check Out Trivium's New Track 'Drowning In The Sound'

Despite Trivium's latest album The Sin And The Sentence dropping back in 2017, they've managed to give it a good lifespan by sporadically dropping bonus tracks such as the re-recording of their 2003 song 'Pillars Of Serpents' and now 'Drowning In The Sound'.

The track was apparently written during sessions for the record, but was ultimately left out of the final release. 

It's a pretty bouncy and mid-paced affair, and it's also Trivium, so it's very good. Check it out:

Trivium also recently released an awesome cover of Type O Negative's 'I Don't Wanna Be Me' for 2019's Record Store Day, which is well worth a listen.

No word on a new album as of yet, but the guys have a string of European festival dates booked throughout June and July, so we might be waiting another few months for any news on that front.

Listen to Trivium now.