Check Out This Beautiful Violin Cover of Slipknot's 'Unsainted'

Corey Taylor Photo - Getty Images

It's hard enough to cover a Slipknot track on most instruments - let alone a violin - but this YouTuber M DRAKO has done a beautiful job of turning the band's recent track 'Unsainted' into a graceful, string-filled rendition!

Like the song itself, the cover starts out pretty slow and wistful, but quick picks up speed and ends in some crazy tremolos. Check it out:

M DARKO also has violin covers on her channel of Lamb Of GodAvenged Sevenfold and more; it's worth checking out more over on her channel!

Of course, 'Unsainted' was the first single to be unveiled from the band's huge new album We Are Not Your Kind, of which we have a bunch of exclusive bundles right here on the Maniacs webstore!