Check Out the Brand New Dream Theater Song, 'Untethered Angel'

With Dream Theater's new album Distance Over Time coming out on February 22, it was only a matter of time until we got to hear some new material from the progressive metal wizards. Well, ladies and gentlemen, today is that day with the first single 'Untethered Angel'.

How do you aptly describe a Dream Theater song though? It's a winding journey of odd time signatures and expert musicianship, although this single seems to be both pretty heavy and pretty proggy (even by DT standards). Best to listen for yourself to get an idea of what the record will sound like, but most Dream Theater fans should be happy with this latest offering.

It's not a particularly creative music video by any stretch, but the focus of the whole thing is the song anyway, which is a technical marvel (it's Dream Theater, of course it is). Check it out!

Oh and, excuse us, Mr. Mangini, but your cymbals are WAY TOO HIGH! Holy cow.

Dream Theater - Distance Over Time album art

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